Future Sky Equipment LLC and Contrinex have been working together since 2008. The meeting was held in the Dubai Headquarters participated by Ms. Melissa Leyva (first from the right, Executive Assistant and International Sales Agent), Mr. Hossein Souri (second to the right, General Manager), Mr. Klaus Bohmer (middle, Contrinex Chief Sales & Technology Officer, Mr. Amor Avelino (second to the left, Sales Engineer), Mrs. Nieva Rebamaba (first from the left,Purchase Officer) and Mr. Jemmy Cecilio (not on photo, Sales Engineer).

The meeting focused on developing a stronger relationship between two companies. Things that were discussed include: Proposal on Improving Sales, Suggestions on Marketing Strategies, Additional Technical Training, and Discussion on the new Products Offered by Contrinex.

Both companies shared their views and aspirations to grow its respective businesses. As a supplier, Contrinex offers help and is open for suggestions to Increase Sales, Future Sky Equipment LLC expressed to study the offer and the benefit it will bring not just to its own company but to the customers and clients it is serving.

Growth and developement, expansion of knowledge, wide range of possibilities: these are the things that brought two companies together. May there be more to come